SLAVICA Štrukelj Kokoravec


UJETA ENERGIJA 7. april 2015

In the month of April 2015 in the gallery of Faculty of Economic the painter Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec had an exhibition.

Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec from Ljubljana besides painting also does a lot of other activities like biotherapy, fashion design and styling. She uses and combines all of the above in her everyday work. She has been actively painting for the last 10 years and also regularly attends various tempore exhibitions and painting colonies around Slovenia and abroad. Today’s exhibition in the gallery of the Faculty of Economics is already her 28th independent exhibition and behind her is also the 46th group exhibition. Slavica graduated on the College of Visual Arts, Arthouse in Ljubljana with ‘Power of color in painting’ as the title of her diploma.

She says that the colors are infinite energy, her life and her love. When she paints with colors she gives herself to energies, which are present all around us and gives herself to the invisible forces, which guide her. Painting and healing are successfully merged in her paintings, because the viewer feels a strong energetic charge when around them.

Late professor Mirko Juteršek years ago wrote: » Because Slavica paints really impulsively and comfortably, she can also uniquely and vividly depict what lies in her soul. «


Graduated painter Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec lives with colors. She feels them on a special way. They are her allies and confidants. How really mighty their expressive power is, is confirmed on her every creative step of her thematic and stylistic varied opus, which is based on expressionistic elements.

For her painting is a medium, to which she gives a part of herself, her perceptions, sensations, experiences, moods and her internal power. Colors then absorb all of her intimate states of her internal world into their matter and then translate it to the viewers. Art images, beside figural beginnings, suggestive, associative and symbolic coloristic values, also become a source of soothing effects, power and energy.

The author plays with colors, although the appliance of colors is anything but left to coincidence, because she controls and personally leads her game. That way she urbanizes the art field and modifies it into a multilayered, pulsating and live pictorial organism. It overflows in the power of vivid, full and pure chromatic values, which communicate with each other, blend, flow, layer and migrate from primal state into a secondary mixed state.

Layers are characterful  diverse and create a sensitive and textural effect of a pictorial epidermis, because they spread from lazur to synthesized states, which appear in the form of the most consistent materiality. The texture is in some solutions created with the help of the applicable technique of collage. For distinctive authorial effective surface the author takes care with her unique recipes and the usage of lacquers, which substantiate the vividness and give the images a noble brilliance. Her art work is dynamically and compositionally designed. The spirited internal happenings contains the whole pictorial field and optically extends over the edge into wider space. Some pictorial concepts gravitate to the central design in which the depth is particularly manifested and where the illusive tendency is supplemented with light annealing.

Slavica’s paintings are semantically open, but the colorful volcano becomes a shelter for figurative contents, for a human and for the elements of flora and fauna. The author leads them with expressive and vivid current sketch into a dimensional stay, to the establishment of the wanted expressive purpose. The premonition of concreteness arises also from the undefined color ‘stains’ and from their mutual communication. Author’s acts are not from the department of veristic recreation, but from expression. For Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec color is medium, which allows her to sensibly follow her emotions, which permit expression and giving oneself. It is a substance, which glows with expressive vigor. She leads us into a world which is a colorful rainbow, positive, optimistically oriented, warm, pleasant and energetically rich. It is not only alluring to the eyes, but also takes over the soul and body of a person and offers a revitalizing effect, allows him to be rebirthed and gives him power. Color, as a fundamental artistic element of painting also becomes a source of energy. The energetic value of Slavica’s paintings is confirmed with a certificate of the Institute BION (Certificate for energetic influence of authorial healing paintings). Her works of art have a surplus value and expanse which extends beyond the esthetically conveyed messages and experience.