SLAVICA Štrukelj Kokoravec



3. oktober 2017

plesni salon salsa_20160422205601.jpg

In our opinion this is one of the nicest galleries that deserves a lot of praise for being professional, kind and literal. 
From the bottom of our hearts both of us would like to thank Mr. Marjan Platovšek for the invitation of holding the exhibition of our paintings and sculptures at the PopART Gallery and especially a thank your for extending the exhibition period until the end of November.
Judging for the attendance of the opening it was a very interesting and special exhibition as it has become a custom any time Dance of Energy is holding an exhibition.
The whole atmosphere was bursting of good and positive mutual vibrations from the wonderful words that were expressed.
A big thanks to all our already existing supporters and also to all the new supporters that were there the first time.
Also a big thanks to both our sponsors for all the support Plesni Salon Salsa and to the family bakery Kristijan that embraced us with their pastries.
A special thanks also goes to the wine supplier Zajec and a special young man called Luka that kept our glasses full and flowing like they should.