SLAVICA Štrukelj Kokoravec


MORS 21. marec 2014


On the 12th of March we opened an exhibition called Pure energy of an artist called Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec.
At the opening the general director of the Department of Defence Rolando Žel addressed all that were gathered and emphasized that he was very glad that the exhibition was opened on Slovenian holiday where "the birds and the bees mate" which has special energetic meaning. He also reminded us of the notable general Maister, who despite his military and political career also showed a very large interest in poetry and painting.
The general director Mr. Žel emphasized that the Depratment of Defence was open and supportive towards culture and arts and was honored that it can give artists a chance to show their work for the people working at the Department of Defence and the Slovenian Military as well as the public.
The distinguished art critic and historian Anamarija Stibilj Šajn talked about the expression of the paintings and the artist Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec expressed her thanks to the Department of Defence for giving the artists a much needed place to display their works of art.
The program was narrated by Cvetka Šeško and additionally enriched by the Flute Quartet Orchestra of the Slovenian Army.
The displaying artist Slavica Štrukelj Kokoravec is along with painting also a fashion designer and bio-therapist.
The exhibition at the Department of Defence is the artists 21th independent art showing and has also displayed art work at 42 different group exhibitions and graduated with a diploma called "The power of color in painting" witch plays a large part in the theme of the exhibition.