SLAVICA Štrukelj Kokoravec


PLES ENERGIJ 2. december 2015

We would like to thank all of our friends and other visitors (there were more than 80 of you) for honoring us with your presence on my 30th and Leya’s 1st exhibition.

This day was something special. The interweaving of energies, colors and dance steps emerged into a wonderful dance.

A thank you to all of our dear friends who were dancing in pairs: Sash Krasnow and Tina Erjavec with their dance Gold Dust, Ervin Lotrič and Karolina Jenko for their sensual tango and to Vital Butinar and Leya Marinčič for their lively kizomba.

A thanks to performers Ljuben Dimkaroski and his flute and Bruno for his sensitive performance on violin.

Thanks to Ana Marija Štibilj Šajn for her art review.

A thank you to Gregor Čufer, who proffesionaly and affectionately connected the events together.

Thanks also to Žiga Kralj and Ivan Sokler.

A special thanks also to our friends Sash Krasnow and Tina Erjavec from the dance salon Salsa for their unselfish help before, in between and after the opening of the exhibition. Also thank you to all other souls, who are always in our hearts.